Carpet Cleaning in The Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester County, NY and Surrounding Areas

Wash Dirt and Grime Out of Your Floors

Wash Dirt and Grime Out of Your Floors

Get routine carpet cleaning services in The Bronx or Queens, NY

Over time, your carpets will gather dirt, allergens and hair. These contaminants can tint the color of your carpets and pollute the air inside your home. Based in The Bronx, NY, Capital Clean is here to help you. We recommend semiannual carpet cleaning services for homeowners to reduce stain setting and prevent dirt buildup.

It only takes a moment to spill something on your beloved floors. Trust our carpet cleaning experts to get rid of tough stains and messes for you.

When should you call us for service?

Accidents happen, but a small spill or stain shouldn't ruin your flooring. Thankfully, you can turn to us for help.

You'll want to consult our carpet cleaning experts if...

  • You spilled wine in the dining room.
  • Your dog tracked mud through the bedroom.
  • Your kids dropped markers in the living room.

Don't let stains sit and set in. Call 347-421-4552 now to schedule carpet cleaning services ASAP.